Introduction to CleverCarry
Our system will disrupt the courier, express, and parcel market, thereby democratizing item transport.

CleverCarry is using collateral-based smart contracts to replace the traditional reputation or ratings-based trust model. In the past item transport such as courier and package delivery services have relied on on Customers trusting their deliveries to a service provider based on the reputation of that organization, which results in stolen/lost packages and missed deliveries. Smart contracts ensure that the Transporter risks financial loss if a package is not received. It is the ideal method of guaranteeing successful delivery.

The CleverCarry Process

1. A Customer who wishes to have something transported lists the number of boxes, their size and weight, and their value. The Customer decides how much they are willing to pay for the job and the amount of collateral they want the Transporter to put up in order to guarantee delivery (generally 2 to 5 times the value of the items being delivered).

2. The Customer funds the contract with XPORT, XLM, or fiat currency and posts it to the exchange.

3. Transporters check the exchange to find contracts they are willing to accept. They accept a contract by adding the collateral to the contract.

4. The Transporter takes possession of the item(s) by scanning a QR code on the Customer’s phone, and delivers it to the recipient by scanning a QR code on the recipient’s phone.

5. When the recipient’s QR code is scanned the entire amount of the contract is paid to the Transporter automatically. If the delivery fails the entire contract amount goes to the Customer, resulting in the Transporter losing all the collateral they put up to accept the job.

In this way, items of any value – from documents to automobiles – can be guaranteed to be delivered. This opens the door to not just couriers and delivery companies, but moving companies, freelancers, and any arrangement for transport jobs.


XPORT are issued on the Stellar platform. Stellar-based tokens are tradable on the StellarTerm decentralized exchange and for XLM, ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, and several other currencies. We will be working closely with the larger exchanges to list XPORT, but other tokens must totally rely on the large exchanges listing their tokens, whereas XPORT already has an exchange it will be listed on from Day 1. XPORT can also be traded with the Telegram Papayabot wallet.

Our Solution

CleverCarry provides an exchange-based solution to allow a distributed organization of professional Transporters, courier companies, and individuals who want to make extra cash to contract for item transport jobs. Our system will disrupt the courier, express, and parcel market, thereby democratizing item transport.


Distributed Workforce




advantages of cryptocurrency
Stellar Blockchain Technology

We are integrated with the Stellar network, and the Papayabot Telegram wallet. Customers can use their credit card directly on the website to initiate a contract or use cryptocurrencies such as XPORT and XLM.

Stellar platform for smart contracts

After extensive research CleverCarry decided to use Stellar as our platform for smart contracts. The fact is the Stellar system provides the most direct path to enabling cryptocurrency capabilities.

  • There is no cost for executing commands on the network - only for trading currency. And with Ethereum now over the 3% mark on transactions it is actually worse than credit card transactions.
  • Stellar gives us far more control over the backend than using the Ethereum network.
  • Stellar includes a trading exchange, and has numerous anchors of its own, so people can sell XportCoin for BTC, ETH, XLM (Stellar Lumens), and possibly even USD, Euros, Yen, and other fiat currencies – even before it is listed on a major exchange.
  • Whereas Ethereum can only process a few transactions per second, Stellar can process more than 1,000 per second.
  • CleverCarry will set up its own Stellar Core (and more than one if needed), complete with a Horizon server, depending on the volume of traffic in the system. This gives us the ability to speed up the network when the volume increases significantly. With Ethereum transactions can take hours to settle. The fact is Ethereum simply isn’t fast enough for a use case like ours.

who we serve
People who use CleverCarry

CleverCarry will be offering a new tool to the CEP market, which will allow Customers and Transporters to conduct transactions without paying for the overhead large companies require to sustain themselves. Due to the nature of distributed organizations the delivery efficiency will increase and costs will decrease using an exchange-based model. We offer 24/7 service at a fraction of the current cost. The Exchange is open to the general public where there is, for all intents and purposes, an unlimited pool of people ready to accept contracts at any time of the day or night. Ultimately there will be four types of contracts: Standard Delivery, Specialty Delivery, Express Delivery, and Services.

Professional Couriers


courier Companies


our team
The Leadership Team

The CleverCarry Team has 206 years of combined experience in tech, finance, organization and team development, marketing and communications, and logistics.

Brandon Cotton


25 years of experience in the IT and aerospace sectors, project management and startup consulting background.

Ronald McCandless


20 years of NASA and IT experience, building space and VR companies and partnerships in the US, Ireland and the UK.

Nana Adedufira

Director of Community Management

27 years of experience as a national and international team builder. Retired US Army veteran.

Dr. Yoav Banitt

President and CTO

15 years management experience in computer vision development, smartphone app and Al systems.

Conor Walley


Capital markets professional with over 15 year experience in banking. Investment management across financials, corporates, sovereigns and structured products. Regulatory and risk expert.

Dr. Mike Curran

Advisor on Corporate Affairs

Board of directors member of five companies, Navy Captain, and an entrepreneur. Pioneering ventures in AI, defense, healthcare, training programmes, eningeering and information security.

Richard Dunn

Lead Developer

Full stack developer with 10 years experience in building network management systems.

Veronica McGinley

Social Media Manager

Over 20 years experience with communications and building social media presence for new and growing organizations.

Alacoque McAlpine

Advisor on Logistics and SCM

17 years as teacher and SME advisor to companies and NGOs. Lecturer in Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Dublin Institute of Technology.

Discover how
CleverCarry will disrupt the logistics industry.


Road Map

The full release will take place in Q2 2018, and we plan to build 12 more apps in six years covering the entire logistics market.

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.