Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I deliver with CleverCarry?


CleverCarry is looking for Transporters and Hub Managers in your location! CleverCarry can be used anywhere not prohibited by law.  


What will I be transporting?


Clients post transport contract opportunities on an exchange that will popup on a map in your free app. The contract will include prices, locations and the time line. You can choose to bid on any available contract opportunity.


Things that cannot be transported: 

• People: absolutely NO human transport whatsoever at any time.

• Live animals: unless you have the appropriate licenses and vehicle for live transport.

• Contraband: no contraband at any time may be transported.

• Items requiring special licenses: chemicals, radioactive materials, and so forth cannot be transported by unauthorized persons.


Provided they meet legal qualifications, Transporters can deliver any item they choose, ranging from envelopes and small boxes to large items such as furniture and automobiles. 


Can I choose specific locations or the types of products that I transport?


Transporters can select any contract that is posted on the exchange. It will specify the location for pickup and drop off, and the items to be transported. It is the Transporters' decision as to what contracts they would like to accept.


Where do I pick up deliveries?


Items will be picked up from the location specified by the client on the posted contract.


Who can be a Transporter?


We are looking for responsible Transporters who are at least 18 years old. When accepting a contract you will be asked to deposit collateral that will be returned when the delivery is complete. That way we protect the clients and make sure items are delivered successfully and on time. 


Can I deliver by foot, bicycle, or scooter?


Yes, you can deliver parcels anyway you like including car, truck, motorcycle, foot, camel, helicopter, hot air balloon and riverboat. As long as you deliver the items as agreed in the contract, you will get your collateral back when you complete the delivery contract.  


What do I need to make deliveries?


You will need an Android or iOS phone and download the CleverCarry app. 


Do I have to pay taxes as a Transporter?


As a self-employed contractor you need to file taxes. CleverCarry is not your employer and does not withhold taxes for you. Coinbase and blockchain viewers provide complete records of your monetary transactions and there are many tools to help you calculate taxes owed. Of course, we always recommend consulting a qualified tax specialist.


Is CleverCarry a full-time work opportunity?


You can work as many hours as is permitted by law for an independent contractor. CleverCarry  provides a flexible opportunity for hours equivalent to a full time job and also for those looking to turn free time into supplementary income.


Am I a CleverCarry employee?


No, Transporters are independent contractors, working directly with the clients that post item delivery opportunities. You are your own boss, you choose which deliveries to accept, at your convenient time, and you name your price. CleverCarry only provides the exchange platform.


What are earnings estimates based on?


Courier, express, and parcel market statistics are used to calculate estimates. You can make money equivalent to a full time job and make 30% more than couriers usually do.


Do I need a CleverCarry account?


No, you do not need a CleverCarry account to be a Transporter.


How do I download the CleverCarry app?


The CleverCarry app is not yet available. We are working hard on the Alpha release due out in late February.